Lesson #2 That I Have Learned

Lesson #2  That I Have Learned

What does a very old and worn mini-trampoline, from the time during the 1980’s when Jane Fonda was wearing bright colored leg warmers over her very tight and even brighter aerobics outfit and Olivia Newton John was singing “Let’s Get Physical,” have to do with Lesson #2 that I have learned during this season of sickness and suffering? Actually, it has EVERYTHING to do with it!

As I began doing extensive research about my diagnosis and prepared for my treatment process to begin, it became clear that I would have to do as much as I possibly could daily to detox my body from the harmful toxins that continue to make me sick. You can imagine my surprise when I received detox instructions from a highly respected treatment facility that outlined the best way to help detox your body and activate the lymphatic system is to do “rebounders,” small bounces, for up to twenty minutes a day on a mini-trampoline. I thought to myself, “A What? The best thing for me to use is a piece of equipment that I have not laid eyes on in over 30 years? How can I possibly do that?” I shared this outlandish idea with a dear friend of mine, and as I remember, we both just laughed at such a crazy idea. However, she is determined to do everything possible to help me get 100% well. So a few days later and not at all surprising to me, she had a remedy for the crazy mini-trampoline idea…small bounces on a big exercise ball. Now that is a “fabulous solution,” and I just happen to have one of those big exercise balls sitting in the closet collecting dust and becoming more and more deflated with each passing day. So out of the closet it came. I pumped it back up to its full size to support me, and as silly as I felt and looked, I began to bounce twenty minutes 2-3 times a day.

Now on one particularly hard day of treatment, after being nauseated with flu-like symptoms most of the day, missing my family terribly, crying many tears that led to a full blown pity party for myself, I decided that as much as I didn’t want to, I should get out of bed and take my required daily afternoon walk. I was feeling so down that I didn’t even change my clothes, but instead chose to walk the street in my pjs. I remember listening to the saddest song I could find and just cried and cried behind my big, black sunglasses. I am sure that anyone driving by thought I was a complete basket case and needed to be hospitalized on the 8th floor.

I did, however, make it up and down the street twice, and with each step in the bright, warm, afternoon sunshine, my “poor me” mood began to lift. I decided that I should continue my “sun therapy” in the very quiet backyard of the home that I was visiting. As I stepped around the back porch, I stopped dead in my tracks. My mouth flew open and literally hit the ground. What I saw took my breath away! Sitting under a large tree, tucked away in the corner of the yard all of these years was the 1980’s mini-trampoline in the picture above and was exactly the obsolete item that I needed the most. I could not believe my eyes. My pity party and tears were immediately gone. I began to giggle out loud because I knew this gift was just for me, as “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

I continued to giggle out loud as I bounced up and down and up and down for the next twenty minutes. Now every time I feel like I can’t go on and continue this journey on my own, I remember the mini-trampoline, and that just like that afternoon in the backyard, I’m not alone. Then, I giggle out loud!

Lesson #2 that I hope to never forget is…

A 1980’s Mini-Trampoline – Just To See That He Is Here…I Can Do Anything!


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