My mother always repeated these words over and over to me growing up…”There are only two great gifts you can give to your children. One is ROOTS. The other is WINGS!” Now, that is the motto we have said many times over the years in regards to raising our own girls. But I must be honest, the whole “wings” thing was really tested a few weeks ago when standing in the airport to send my oldest off to Africa. Here are just a few of the phrases we heard in a 24 hour period…”first flight is cancelled,” “a day layover in Chicago,” “no seats available for your third leg from Paris to Kenya,” “another day layover in London,” “food vouchers,” “hotel vouchers,” “spend the night in the Paris airport,” etc.. Everything in this mom wanted to say, “My Precious Girl, spreading your wings this time is not going to work. Just stay rooted right here in Little Rock with Mom and Dad.” However, my very mature, wise beyond her years, fifteen-year-old must have sensed my hesitation because in a very calm voice she looked at me and said, “Don’t worry Mom! God’s got this!” Then she turned, spread her wings and flew away, and as this photo shows, soared all the way to Africa!


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